POW-erful Support for Students

By Published On: January 26, 20211.1 min read

The Prince of Wales (POW) LeadOn team originally planned to organize an island-wide walk for recovery but had to shift gears because of the pandemic. They decided to focus their project on supporting the Prince of Wales Senior Class, who faced challenges when COVID-19 required the canceling of prom and in-person graduation. The LeadOn youth recognized how emotionally stressful and disappointing this new context was for those graduating high school. The team came up with the plan to promote healthy outdoor activities for seniors as an alternative to the scheduled indoor dance and graduation celebrations and also as an alternative to misusing alcohol or substances. They were able to facilitate the purchase of some outdoor supplies for graduating seniors to get outside and participate in healthy activities. Additionally, LeadOn youth encouraged peers to reach out to others when feeling stressed and also to participate in the island-wide Family Fun Challenge.

“I was able to immerse myself in my favorite outdoor activity and escape traumatic stuff at home and also deal with the sadness of missing my graduation.”

-POW Graduating Senior

This LeadOn team delivered a POW-erful project addressing new challenges and needs associated with the pandemic. Way to go!


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