The Zoey Show

By Published On: January 26, 20211.2 min read

The Nenana LeadOn group, PINK, intended to do multiple communities and school presentations, culminating in a high school assembly, to include a second round of “The Zoey Show” (which debuted in 2019), an event structured like a talk show and hosted by a youth, Zoey, who asks questions of positive adults. PINK youth were able to do one elementary school presentation, but because of COVID-19 had to move “The Zoey Show” to a virtual setting. They hosted a Zoom meeting with supportive adult anchors as “guests” who were asked three questions:

  • “What do boundaries look like in a healthy relationship?”
  • “What are five things that have to happen in a relationship for it to be healthy?”
  • “How can you tell when your relationship becomes unhealthy?”

The guest speakers spoke about all types of relationships, including peer, social, family, and romantic relationships. Two of the guests were a married couple who not only answered with their ideas about healthy relationships but demonstrated a healthy relationship in action. The PINK members that listened to the show found the advice and experience shared by the adults enlightening. This event was recorded and then shared on the community and PINK Facebook pages, where it was accessible to a wide range of youth and adults.

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